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SuperVista with pictures
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SuperVista – USB IntraOral Camera System

With the SuperVista camera system, you will find true convenience and portability to assist with many common dental diagnostic scenarios. Unlike many other intraoral cameras, the SuperVista also features a digital dental radiography system. No external power supply is needed, due to the system’s USB 2.0 connectivity, so you can avoid limitations due to power usage.

With compatibility to EVASoft imaging software, you can easily take dental photographs along with dental radiographs. These convenient features are what make the SuperVista a highly-regarded imaging solution in countless dental practices.

SuperVista Brochure
You can download the SuperVista brochure to learn more about some of its benefits and capabilities. Besides listing some of the great selling points, this brochure also provides product specifications and a list of all that is included with the camera system.
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg