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About Us

About Dent-X Canada

Dent-X Canada specializes in digital radiology. We are very proud that hundreds of dental professionals use our carefully picked digital package every day in Canada.

Don't be fooled by well-trained sales reps. Talk to the doctors who use the systems, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out you do not have to take out a mortgage to digitize your office.

Provide us your e-mail, and we will have doctors, who practice with our systems, communicate directly with you about their experience using our system and others. Some of these doctors were originally taken in by a big house, paying large amounts of monies for a system and eventually removing it in favour of the superior Dent-X Canada system.

All installers and trainers are Dent-X Canada staff. Dent-X Canada has a well-trained technical support staff that is complemented with a staff doctor and hygienists who are at your disposal to assist you, with no extra cost to you.
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg
Dent-X Canada - 203FE426F074.jpg